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Spousal rape, also known as marital rape, is considered any type of unwanted or non-consensual sexual activity between spouses. Spousal rape happens when one spouse forces, coerces, threatens, or manipulates the other spouse to engage in sexual acts against his/her will. Individual’s accused of spousal rape may also be charged with additional criminal offenses, including sexual battery, domestic violence, and sexual assault.

An individual will be charged with spousal rape if the following facts are true:

● The offender and the victim are married
● The offender forced his/her spouse to have sex against his/her will
● The victim could not consent to sex because he/she was drugged by the offender
● The victim was unconscious at the time the marital rape occurred
● The offender threatened to harm, injure, or retaliate against the victim if he/she did not engage in sex
● The victim is incapable of giving consent, either because he/she is mentally disabled, mentally incapacitated, and/or unconscious or asleep

If you have been accused of spousal rape, you must hire an qualified attorney as soon as possible.  Any form of rape is an very serious criminal offense, and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you are convicted of spousal rape, you may face expensive fines, prison, probation, court-ordered counseling, and restitution to the victim, community service, and mandatory registration as a sex offender. in addition, people accused of sex crimes, particularly rape, are normally shunned by their community, lose their jobs, spoil their reputations, and restrict their future opportunities.

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If you have been charged with spousal rape, you need to contact a competent Tennessee sex crimes attorney without delay. The laws regarding spousal rape can be confusing, and you need an attorney who can persuade judges and juries of your innocence. At the Law Offices Of James A.H. Bell,P.C., we are well versed in Tennessee sex crimes law, and utilized effective strategies to obtain winning results for our clients. We personally conduct our own investigations, question eyewitnesses, collect data, challenge evidence, and assertively negotiate with prosecutors. We will work relentlessly to protect our clients’ rights and best interest, and make sure the truth surrounding their case is exposed.