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The term “sexual assault” refers to any sexual offense involving contact with another person, including such crimes as rape, aggravated rape, sexual battery, aggravated sexual battery, sexual battery by an authority figure, child rape, and aggravated child rape. See Tenn. Code Ann. §§ 39–13–501 to 39–13–533.  If convicted, the penalties for these offenses are severe, involving steep, mandatory prison sentences and requiring registration with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s sex offender registry.

Tennessee sexual assault charge is serious if you have been charged with any type of sex crime it is crucial you contact a sex crimes defense attorney as soon as possible.        

Sexual assault charges are unlike other criminal prosecutions in that they involve highly sensitive and unique factual and legal issues.  Developing a successful defense strategy requires the skill and expertise of an experienced attorney who has the resources and ability to vigorously fight for your rights in these trying times.  The attorneys at The Law Office of James A.H. Bell, P.C. have been successfully representing individuals charged with sex crimes in and around the Knoxville area for over two decades.  Put our experience to work for you, and call one of our knowledgeable attorneys located in Knoxville, TN to schedule a free consultation today.