Credit Card Fraud

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Credit card fraud is a common form of identity theft in which one person uses the credit card information of another person, without permission, for the purpose of charging purchases to the account or removing funds from it.

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Credit card fraud schemes generally fall into one of two categories of fraud: application fraud and account takeover.  Application fraud results when one person opens an unauthorized credit card account in another person’s name.  Account takeovers, on the other hand, result from the criminal hijacking of an existing credit card account.  The most common method used to achieve an account takeover is called “skimming.” Skimming occurs when an employee at a business has access to customers’ credit card information by virtue of their job.

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Credit card fraud can be prosecuted by both the state and federal governments, and if you find yourself under investigation for credit card fraud, it is imperative that you obtain skilled, knowledgeable legal counsel as soon as possible.  The attorneys at The Law Offices of James A. H. Bell have experience representing individuals against all types of white-collars crime, including credit card fraud. Additionally, our in-house investigator will conduct an independent investigation into the facts of your specific case. Put our experience to work for you, and call one of our knowledgeable attorneys located in Knoxville, TN to schedule a free consultation today.