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If you are under investigation by the police, or believe that you may be facing criminal charges, it is critical that you consult with an experienced Knoxville DUI criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Police officers are trained to use techniques to techniques to having you into voluntarily give up your valuable statutory and constitutional rights. For example, they might tell you to do field sobriety tests. These are voluntary and not compelled. Some police have been caught telling suspect lies; others have used ruses or subterfuge or trickery to get you to do or say something against your best interest.

Under no circumstances should you speak with law enforcement without an attorney. Don’t do their work for them!  You should always contact a skilled Knoxville DUI criminal defense attorney immediately, so that measures can be taken to protect your constitutional and statutory rights and your freedom.

Remember Tennessee drunk driving laws are complicated, the penalties are severe. Don't trust your future to just any Tennessee DUI defense lawyer make sure you select the right DUI attorney that will fight for your rights and protect your future.

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DUI Attorney In Knoxville Tennessee
Nationally Recognized Criminal Defense Attorney With Over 40 Years of Trial Experience.
James A.H. Bell

When Your in Need Of an Experienced Tennessee Criminal Defense Attorney Look No Further.

Mr. Bell is a veteran Tennessee criminal defense attorney and personal injury lawyer, having tried to verdict more than 1,000 contested cases. Over the course of those many contested trials, Mr. Bell has argued his client’s position before Chancellors, Administrative Law Judges, Trial Judges (without jury) and citizen juries, on the local, state, federal, and appellate level.

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Do not put your future at the disposal of a state prosecutor or a police officer who has already made the decision to prosecute you. They may have overlooked your defense. They may have ignored evidence favorable to you. They may not know the rest of the story. They may not have properly tested the evidence, or preserved it. We are very experienced in getting this information out in front of your case to avoid legal calamities.

The experienced criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of James A.H. Bell, P.C.  know the law and will represent your interests in any situation:  from sex crimes to driving under the influence; from white collar crimes to drug possession.  The Law Offices of James A.H. Bel, P.C. handles federal crimes, sex crimes, and administrative licensing trials. If you have been accused of any crime, be it domestic violence, probation violation, burglary, or any other crime...we CAN help you.

We strive to be different from other criminal defense firms. Our top priority is to be there for you when you need us – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you or a family member are accused of a crime and/or are under police investigation, time is of the essence and every moment counts.  Our firm has a history of preventing criminal accusations from turning into formal charges by heading off the criminal investigations early.  While it does not happen in every case, we are often able to do this by moving quickly.

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Experienced Dedicated DUI Criminal Defense Legal Team

Legal Crisis Resolution

At the Law Offices of James A.H. Bell, P.C. we have had a long and successful history of resolving legal crisis that suddenly develop without warning or notice. What is unexpected and catastrophic for you, is just as routine business day for us. There are not many situations that we have not successfully encountered. Let our vast experience contend with your legal problems.

In just the past few months, we’ve contended with a number of legal crisis on behalf of our clients. Here’s just a few examples of some of the situations that we have resolved in the recent past on behalf of our clients:

The feds enter a business and search for computers and records and you are an executive employee of the business.

An automobile accident and you are suspected of vehicular homicide.

A seizure of your personal computer and the authorities believe there is child pornography located therein.

Finally, there is the “target” letter from an Assistant U.S. Attorney advising you that you are the subject matter of a federal investigation or law enforcement officers appear at your home or business wanting to question you about a criminal matter. No charges have been filed.

These are just a few examples of the situations that our clients have found themselves in and they all ask the same question: What in the world am I to do?!?!

The answer is simple and obvious: hire an experienced criminal defense trial lawyer before the charges are filed. It is inexpensive compared to the cost of a defense once charges are filed. Lawyers in our office have the communication skills and the assistance of a full time on staff investigator to resolve the matter by entering into discussions with the prosecution to induce them to decline the prosecution, or enter into a resolution that would be a less than what would occur if charges are filed. This latter resolution is called charge bargain.

Moreover, when the prosecution knows that you have hired a firm with a long history of trying cases, such as ours, they may reconsider their position. That factor may be the salient point in your favor to make the investigation “go away” or result in a very favorable resolution for the one being investigated.

Our attorneys are highly skilled and highly trained criminal defense team with an outstanding track record defending those that have been arrested and accused of DUI and other criminal charges both in Knoxville TN and thorough out Tennessee. With our skilled team of dedicated criminal defense lawyers we have personally represented thousands of clients charged with DUI and other criminal matters and we are well known for consistently obtaining extraordinary results for those accused of driving under the influence and other criminal charges.

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James A.H. Bell

Lead Attorney

Jacob Feuer

Associate Attorney

Lori Hamblin

Operation Manager

Shayne Cooper

Criminal Investigator

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Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer, Knoxville Auto Accident Attorney and Accident Injury Law Firm in Knoxville, TN

The personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of James A.H. Bell, P.C. are highly trained and experienced attorneys who will fight for for your rights. Regardless of whether you were involved in a minor car accident , or due to someone else’s negligence has resulted in the passing of a family member, we know this is the biggest case of your life.

Our website provides clear-cut and valuable information so that you can be a intelligent consumer. Most important before you decide to talk to an insurance adjuster or sign any forms in your injury or wrongful death case you should consult with an experience personal injury lawyer. While browsing through our website, you will see that it is packed with answers to the most common questions based on 40 plus years of experience that we have been representing clients and their families that have been injured in accidents, just like you.

What some of our happy clients have to say.

  • review rating 5  There is a reason you don't see Mr. Bell law firm advertising on TV or signs. Those guys look at you with dollar signs in there eyes. Mr. Bell and his staff look at you with a caring concern. Complete professional and do not hesitate to retain him. I'm completely satisfied with this law firm.

    thumb Richard Shaft

    review rating 5  While driving home from a local park, my parents were involved in a terrible automobile accident. They were both rushed to the hospital with severe injuries, and three days later my father passed away—a loss that devastated all of us. In addition to everything else, my mother soon began receiving bills associated with both the accident and her subsequent medical care afterwards. She contacted Mr. Bell, and he was able to ensure not only that her bills were all covered, but that she was awarded a substantial settlement. Our entire family is grateful for his hard work and continued support during an extraordinarily difficult time.

    thumb Peter Howard

    review rating 5  Mr. Bell and his team helped me when I was injured in a car accident in January of 2019. Everyone in the office is very professional, compassionate, and easy to communicate with. I was very pleased with my settlement and highly recommend this firm.

    thumb Lee Ann Shelton
  • review rating 5  James A.H. Bell is the best! Mr. Bell represented me in a civil matter and was able to successfully close my case in three weeks. I am in awe as to the professionalism and hard work that Mr. Bell and his entire staff put forth when representing a client. As the sign in his office states "we may doze, but we never close." James A.H. Bell is an attorney you can count on!

    thumb Brandi Davis

    review rating 5  The James Bell Law Office is extremely professional and personable. Meeting with them and discussing my situation, my questions and concerns were answered and my mind was put at ease. I am very appreciative of their help and would highly recommend them.

    thumb Tammy Evans

    review rating 5  Jim Bell is a magician, he took a serious issue that i had and turned it into a dismissal. Not only is he a great lawyer, he's one of the smartest lawyers in the business. His staff is phenomenal, everyone in his office knows what they're doing, they keep you informed on your case, give you all the respect you deserve and are just great people to work with. I trust Jim and crew with everything....Ron Fleenor

    thumb ron fleenor
  • review rating 5  Mr Bell is a great attorney. He treated my husband with respect and honesty. Would highly recommend him to anyone.

    thumb Tami Wilkins

    review rating 5  I first met Mr. Bell and hired him to represent me back in 1996. I have since used his services twice more through the years and have came out a winner all three times. He runs a top notch firm with an excellent support staff and is a man of great integrity. He will go to great lengths to fiercely defend his clients rights and make sure they are represented to the highest regard. If you need the BEST, don't fool around with any MIckey Mouse nonsense, head down to Emory Place and hire the BEST!

    thumb Stacey R. Maynard

    review rating 5  I first met Mr. Bell and hired him to represent me back in 1996. I have since used his services twice more through the years and have came out a winner all three times. He runs a top notch firm with an excellent support staff and is a man of great integrity. He will go to great lengths to fiercely defend his clients rights and make sure they are represented to the highest regard. If you need the BEST, don't fool around with any MIckey Mouse nonsense, head down to Emory Place and hire the BEST!

    thumb Stacey R. Maynard
  • review rating 5  James A H Bell is the best lawyer hands down. I would recommend him to anyone that needs legal assistance. I was injured and a friend referred me to Mr. Bell. I have the upmost respect for Mr. Bell and his entire legal staff. Received top notch service and always felt welcome to his office by Mr Bell and entire staff. They provided the upmost expertise and legal knowledge. I would like to say thanks for a job well done, I don't think anyone could have done any better. Gerri

    thumb Gerri Galyon

    review rating 5  James Bell is a true gentleman. His team is highly efficient and professional. He laid out what would happen in my case and that is exactly what happened. His victory that he achieved for me made my millennium. He is best of the best and I would highly recommend him!

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Affirmation of Representation:

We believe that our hearts and legal minds are open to see and take advantage of opportunities to provide good and quality legal care for others during their difficulties with the civil or criminal legal system. We believe those opportunities comes though building meaningful relationships with the clients and their families, while reconstructing the legal lives over injuries, or arrests, or suits - all of which often threatens the integrity and peace of the client. We believe the caring, hope and joy of our representation, coupled with our caring and administrating during the legal process on behalf of the client, builds long lasting relationships.

We strive to help the clients survive the incidents which led to the client for coming to us. We have the experience; we have the skill; we have the technology; we have the desire to pursue the position of the client. Always. We try to bring the families of our client that are fracture over the litigation to come together in respect and love. We like to believe our experience is a legal partnership with the client, and that our work forever changes their future for the best. After all, it is always about the client, not of us.