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Bankruptcy fraud can take many forms.  Most documents filed in bankruptcy proceedings are considered “sworn;” that is, by signing the documents, you are certifying the truth of the information contained and are subject to prosecution for perjury for making false statements.  Filing false statements regarding assets or debts, or creating false documents to support a listing of assets or debts can lead to investigation and prosecution.  Many times, false statements are made to hide assets from the bankruptcy court.  Transferring funds or property from one person or company to a related person or company in order to retain/hide those items from the bankruptcy court are also examples of fraud.  Misrepresenting income—usually claiming it to be lower than it really is—and failing to list all potential creditors are also common examples of bankruptcy fraud.  Multiple filings, incomplete records, depletion of assets prior to filing, frequent amendments to filings, starting a similar business near the time of the bankruptcy filing, and inconsistencies among financial statements, tax returns and bankruptcy schedules are also red flags that can cause the trustee in bankruptcy, the IRS, or the Department of Justice to investigate an individual or company for bankruptcy fraud.

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If you or your company is being investigated for bankruptcy fraud, you need experienced, knowledgeable representation.  Bankruptcy fraud is a white-collar crime which requires attorneys willing to take the case to trial and who possess the resources necessary to thoroughly investigate and analyze the government’s case.  Any attorney representing an individual or corporation charged with bankruptcy fraud should have access to a forensic accountant to aid in analyzing the various financial records involved in a bankruptcy fraud prosecution.

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