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Antitrust laws are laws enacted by the federal and state governments to regulate trade and commerce.  The core ideals of anti-trust law are to prevent unlawful restraints on business, to prevent price fixing and monopolies, and to encourage the production and sale of quality products at the lowest prices possible for the benefit and protection of consumers.
If two small business owners agree not undercut each other’s prices, both owners have engaged in price fixing.  If one retail supplier agrees to only sell its product in the city limits while its competitor agrees to sell its product only in the county, both suppliers have engaged in illegal market allocation.  If a construction company agrees with another company that in exchange for letting the other company make the lowest bid on a project this week, it will make the low bid on a project next week, both companies have engaged in bid rigging.

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Enforcement of antitrust laws can come from either the state or federal government and can take the form of either a civil lawsuit or a criminal prosecution.  Additionally, in some cases private civil suits can be brought to enforce antitrust laws, and treble damages can be awarded if the suit is successful.  No matter the form, an antitrust inquiry into your business and its practices can have a devastating effect.

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Whether it is a criminal investigation and prosecution, a civil suit for treble damages, or a regulatory review of a proposed sale or merger of your business, if you find yourself under investigation for violating anti-trust laws, you need an experienced attorney to represent you and your business’s interest.  At The Law Office of James A. H. Bell, P.C., we have the knowledge to guide you through the maze of confusing and often conflicting government regulation and the experience to craft a defense to any criminal charges that might be brought. Additionally, our on-site personal investigator will conduct an independent investigation into the facts of our specific case. Put our experience to work for you, and call one of our knowledgeable attorneys located in Knoxville, TN to schedule a free consultation today.