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Counterfeiting and forgery charges have for many years been the subject of numerous federal criminal complaints, investigated most often by the United States Secret Service.  Federal statutes against counterfeiting are broadly written and cover counterfeiting of foreign and domestic currency and coins, securities, official government documents, and possessing tools or instruments that could be used in the perpetration of counterfeiting crimes.  Punishment ranges include as much as twenty years in prison and is based up numerous factors, including the value of the currency allegedly counterfeited. 

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Another common counterfeiting charge, one that does not relate to currency, is trafficking in counterfeit goods or services.  This charge has most often in recent years been used to prosecute individuals and corporations thought to be dealing in counterfeit prescription drugs.  Counterfeit drugs in these circumstances are somewhat misleading because federal statutes make it a crime to deal in any product or drug bearing a mark similar enough to one patented, the use of which is likely to cause “confusion” “mistake” or be considered designed “to deceive.”  As one might imagine, many circumstances can arise in which such a broad statute might be used to criminalize activity never intended to be fraudulent.

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