What is a Tennessee DUI?

According to the Tennessee DUI law, no person under the influence of any kind of intoxicant is allowed to drive or be in control of any kind of vehicle at certain places. The prohibited intoxicants are substances that affect the working of nervous system of the body and hamper the ability of a driver to operate a motor vehicle safely. In addition, the law also states that the person must not drive if the alcohol concentration in his or her blood or breath is 0.08% or higher.

Elements of a Tennessee DUI

Outlining the elements of the law is a good way to better understand this long and complex law.

Before a person is found guilty for DUI in Tennessee, certain points must be proved by the state. These include:

The person was in physical control or driving.
The vehicle was motor-driven.
The motor-driven vehicle or automobile was at one of the following:
Highway or public road in the State of Tennessee
Any alley or street
Premises of trailer park, shopping center, apartment complex or any other place visited by public
The person was under the influence of any one or more of the following:
Substance that affects the central nervous system
A combination of any of above that takes away the ability of driver to operate a vehicle safely. This happens when the combination affects the control over self as well as clearness of mind.
Alcohol – with concentration of 0.08% or above in breath or blood

Other than these, there are certain other conditions that come under the DUI laws of the state. A person can also be charged with Driving Under Influence even if:

He or she is not driving on road
He or she is sleeping in the car and the engine is turned off
He or she has never consumed any alcohol

An experienced Tennessee DUI defense attorney can determine how to best defend your DUI charge  in order to help you avoid maximum penalties or a DUI conviction altogether. always make sure you choose a firm with experience in defending those charged with drunk driving in Tennessee.

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