I Have been arrested and charged with a Drug Crime Do I need a Lawyer?

Getting arrested and charged with a drug crime is a very unnerving experience. Keeping a level head and exercising your rights to the fullest greatly increases the likelihood that you come out of the situation as unscathed as possible. More than that though, having a lawyer, especially a specialized drug crimes defense attorney work with you […]

What to do if you have been arrested and charged with a Tennessee DUI

As common as they are, DUIs can lead to very harsh punishments and consequences when a person is convicted. These punishments can range from jail time to hefty fines. But the collateral consequences can be equally devastating, including the loss of business, employment and education opportunities in some cases. This makes it essential that you treat the […]

Sex Crimes Convictions

Sex crimes have continued to take a larger percentage of the felonies that people get convicted for on a yearly basis. This is due to the massive negative perception and prejudices that the public has developed as well as the improved sophistication of law enforcement’s tracking abilities, especially in the area of child pornography. The […]